Story of Will

Hello all, my name is Will Corcoran – I am a 21 year old Cystic Fibrosis patient living in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Growing up in Connecticut, USA and being involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since I was old enough to talk, I have been in contact with Dr. Raissi and Dr. Sadeghi forever. I have always admired and respected their team greatly, especially in their work to provide education, medical aid, and hope for CF patients around the world. Recently Dr. Raissi contacted me to become part of the CF Bridge of Hope team, I am eager to be in better contact with CF patients across the globe and share my story.

As with any CF patient, my illness has been present throughout my entire life. When I was finally diagnosed at 3 months old my body was unable to support my large head, as I was not receiving enough nutrients without pancreatic enzymes to grow my body. After being diagnosed, my parents made it their mission to become educated and involved in the CF community – for this I thank them greatly. Later on in life I suffered from liver disease that eventually led to a liver transplant at the age of 15. Although that time was dark, I came out of it more motivated and hopeful than ever. Now I am set to graduate from University next month in
May 2019 – I battle CF everyday, doing breathing treatments for over 2 hours a day, taking countless pills, and always putting my health before anything else.

Every CF patient’s journey is different, but we can all learn from each other. Although of course we can not be in the same room as each other, I found that communicating with other patients and families via phone or internet has been a great source of comfort and hope for me. I hope to be someone that others feel comfortable reaching out to, as I know I can help others through telling my story, while I can be inspired by yours. I hope whoever is reading this feels comfortable speaking with my anytime, as I know the conversation will mean as much to me as it will to you. Thank you for your time in hearing a bit about my story, I hope to speak with you soon!

Will Corcoran
April 2019