Story of Juan

Juan and his father arrived from Ecuador in early March 2017. Juan’s lung functions were much deteriorated and he urgently needed care in the form of treatment and medicines.

  • March 2017 – Juan stayed with our program for one week, during which time he received both medicine and physical treatments to improve his condition. In late March he and his father returned back to Ecuador, with Luke making much progress in improving his lung function. Now back in Ecuador, they are working on organizing a tele-medicine relationship with local healthcare providers in Ecuador to provide remote patient care opportunities for CF patients there. 
  • October 2017 – Juan’s lung function took a turn for the worse and his exasperated condition required additional treatment. Juan returned to the United States and received the required treatment a the Bridge of Hope. he has since returned back to Ecuador with improved lung function and a positive prognosis. Juan and his father were extremely committed to following all treatment protocols and were extremely grateful for the help which the CFBOH program extended to Juan.